Kinesiology generally refers to the teaching of movement. With the help of the muscle test (muscle tension/relaxation), which is the basis of kinesiological work, stress relevant topics can be detected in the energetic system of humans and the stress associated with the topic can be resolved.
Career, relationship and family always bring up issues that can lead to imbalances in the human system. The reasons for this are often hidden deeper than external events suggest. Kinesiology connects to these hidden topics and helps to break up old beliefs and to open up new solutions.

Kinesiology supports the transformation of individual themes on a physical, mental and spiritual level and accompanies us on the way to becoming the person we really are.

Body Intelligence

The kinesiological muscle test is aimed at the client’s body and serves as a communication tool with the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is an old shamanic principle that even if we humans perceive ourselves as separate individuals, our body is a part of this world and connected to EVERYTHING. Comparable to a wave that remains inseparably connected to the sea in its essence. In this way, we gain access to information concerning our being through the body. Our highly praised mind is not included in the muscle test for the time being. This has the advantage that the questioner receives answers that are not linked to beliefs. Beliefs that can themselves be the cause of a conflict. This is how you get “honest” answers from your body. Some clients find kinesiological work relaxing, precisely because the mind realizes after a short time that it now has a break.


Why de-stress a topic? What changes in our system when a topic is set stress-free? Imagine a client is an enthusiastic mountaineer but has stress at height. If the kinesiologist finds the cause with the help of the muscle test and relieves the stress on it, the following has happened.

  • The mountain remains as high as before the stress relief.
  • The client still has to climb the mountain on his own.
  • But by relieving stress, the field of action has expanded and makes it possible to re-evaluate the challenges.

In a kinesiological session, such a case can be as follows:
The topic is “Stress at height”. The kinesiologist uses the muscle test to take the client to the age of the cause of the topic. “Seven years,” says the body (muscle test). In our example, the client remembers that she always spent the summer holidays with her grandparents and helped with the apple harvest. She climbed trees to pick the apples that her grandfather could not reach. The feedback the kinesiologist receives from the muscle test confirms that this event is related to the stress issue. But once the then seven-year-old client left her powers and she called out for her grandfather. When he finally reacted and rushed to help, he found his granddaughter sitting on a branch, crying. Still in the age of the cause, this topic is de-stressed. If the client is 100% stress-free (muscle test), the kinesiologist returns with her back to the present, here and now.

Everyone has to live their own lives and make their own decisions. No one can do the job for us. Kinesiology can serve as a decision aid. If people are largely free of stress on everyday life topics , it can help them to achieve their life goals in a more relaxed way – familially, professionally or personally.

Common areas of application for kinesiology:
personality development / self-awareness
family / partnership / relationship
stress management / relaxation
workplace / profession / colleagues
motivation clarification / performance optimization
school / studies / exams
learning guidance / learning promotion
Inner mindfulness / conflict management
counselling / orientation
human & animal

About Me

I never really intended to turn to my inner side. It was rather my life itself that pushed me with my nose forward. I was quickly fascinated and ready to let go of everything else. I went to Asia and put my job as art director on hold for the time being. I learned about the spiritual world and shamanism for the first time. What I learned later was that these energies, which are the basis of our lives, have many names and forms, which are not necessarily seen and understood in this way by other people. Back in Germany I threw esoteric terms around me as if it was the most normal thing in the world and expected the same from my environment. I noticed that there was a communication problem. Problems and worries are mostly of a secular nature, like stress at work or in private life. There was only one point in which I agreed with my environment: the desire for a solution. On one hand there was the knowledge and complexity of ancient rites and ideologies, and on the other hand, the desire of my counterpart for something like a spiritual Drive-In for everyday topics. So there had to be something in between. A short time later I unexpectedly ended up with a kinesiologist. I had no idea what she was doing, but with my experience I could clearly say that it was the best thing I had ever done. Simple and effective. Since then, kinesiology has repeatedly given me answers to questions I could never have asked myself without kinesiology. With kinesiology I have found a tool that gives my knowledge the necessary grounding for the topics of everyday life and leaves enough room for the cosmic aspects of life.

2015-18 – Kinesiology THREE IN ONE CONCEPT after Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside at Beate Kaiser, LIAK (Institute of Applied Kinesiology), Lage / NRW

11 / 2010 – SIGNATURE CELL HEALING LEVEL I (Practitioner) after Kahu Fred Sterling at Diana Dörr, Bad Homburg / HE
01 / 2011 – Traineeship with Sayagyi U Shein, healer / alchemist (Gold Ash Powder, Golden Medicine”), Yangon / Myanmar
2011-12 – Shamanic teaching seminars with Matthias LIGHTFIRE Walter, shaman / sundancer


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For a kinesiological session you should plan 60-90 minutes. This leaves enough time for a detailed conversation and the subsequent kinesiological stress relief.

The costs are 80 €/h* (60 min.)

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Legal note:
For legal reasons I would like to point out that the effectiveness of kinesiology is not scientifically proven. It is also considered unsuitable in the sense of conventional medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and in no way replaces a visit to a doctor in case of health problems.
Kinesiological coaching and counselling are not psychotherapy and cannot replace it. The participation in a kinesiological coaching requires a normal psychological and physical resilience.
All information provided on this website makes no claim to universality.